The ePASS Pre-Screening Application

Screening is needed during COVID-19 lockdown and afterward to contain the disease and track infected. ePass works in conjunction with the eClear solution to give operators a complete pre-screening solution. 

Organizations need to protect their employees, visitors, and themselves, for example:

▪Employee screening for work clearance 

▪Screening of visitors to facilities (offices, hospitals)

▪Hotel and restaurant guests screening

▪Social, entertainment event participants screening

▪Screening of drivers crossing state or city boundaries

Application Highlights:

▪Easy to use software, highly customizable application for screening of individuals for COVID-19 symptoms with a multitude of uses

▪Customizable for different uses: employee screening, visitor screening, other

▪Customizable screening questions/symptoms

▪Can be used for self-screening and screening of others

▪Results of screening available on the spot or by email

▪Configurable templates depending of the usage context

▪Optionally integrates with HR, EHR, ERP, other systems

▪Provides reporting and analytics

▪Can integrate with devices – barcode reader, thermometers, camera, etc.