Thermal screening no contact temperature check econnect


Thermal Screening

An award-winning thermal screening solution. Can be used in stand-alone mode can be configured to send elevated temperature alerts. Customers who buy more than one device can use the TeamClear Cloud to manage devices, logs and faces.

econenct and eclear's touchless time clcok and time punch solution


Contactless Time Punch

Contactless time & attendance integration that allows employees to clock in or out of the existing time keeping system with eClear's Face Matching technology. Integrates with all major time & attendance solutions and can be managed in the TeamClear cloud application. 

facial recognition for access control security

eClear Secure

Access Control

The eClear device comes equipped with the ability to integrate with any modern access control system that can accept a dry contact. The system simultaneously takes the team members temperature then authenticates them against the secure TeamClear cloud database. 



COVID-19 Pre-Screening

ePass is the #1 rated application for prescreening people before they arrive at your property. The app allows them to quickly answer 1 multiple choice question on symptoms they may have and gives them a pass to enter your building if they are clear.

facial recognition AI econnect

Face Match

Biometric Solutions

Face Match by eConnect is a robust Facial Relationship Management solution. The system allows operators to tag individuals who come into their environment and create automated actions and alerts based on the needs of the business. 

covid 19 occupancy control people counting


Automated People Counting

Occupancy allows building managers to accurately monitor the occupancy levels in real-time. Built for safety and security, the system offers real-time metrics and the ability to set thresholds on the numbers of people who can enter the building before capacity levels are exceeded.