eConnect Donates Thermal Camera Solution eClear to Help Local Recreational Facility Reopen

The Las Vegas-based Technology Company Donates Its Innovative Covid-19 Thermal Camera Solution To Keep Students And Staff Safe At Las Vegas Youth Program Sport-Social

LAS VEGAS, September 24, 2020 — eConnect, one of the fastest-growing, technology businesses in the nation, donated its innovative thermal camera solution, eClear™, to help local recreational facility Sport-Social reopen in July, and offer kids a safe place to build friendships and learn new skills beyond the current restrictions presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like hundreds of other businesses across the Las Vegas Valley, Sport-Social had to close its doors to students and families in order to comply with the state and city social distancing mandates. As a facility that works to develop the social skills of children with autism and other disabilities, it was critical for them to reopen their business as soon as possible to cater to their emotional and social needs during the pandemic.

“Since reopening, we have seen a huge amount of growth of families who are looking for ways to safely get their kids out and have some sort of recreation, social and educational opportunities,” said Sport-Social Founder and CEO, Andrew Devitt. “With the help of eConnect and the eClear system, we have been able to provide confidence to families, knowing that we are taking the right precautions to keep everyone safe, and get kids engaged in our programs.”

There are about 8,500 children estimated to have autism within Nevada’s school system, according to the Real Autism Difference organization, but only several hundred get help through the Autism Treatment Assistance Program or Medicaid to afford expensive services like behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy, an essential therapy that can improve social, communication, and learning skills of kids with autism through positive reinforcement.

Because children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) react differently to social stimulation, many believe that it’s not important that they get to experience these activities. On the contrary, these children would greatly benefit from more social interaction.

The COVID-19 thermal camera solution, eClear, is a non-contact device that detects infrared energy (heat) to take temperatures of students as they enter the facility. Since March, eClear has allowed hundreds of businesses across the nation to reopen their establishments in a safer and capacity-controlled manner. With its affordable price point, trusted software developed in the U.S., and easy implementation, eClear has gained wide adoption among many industries and business verticals. In return, eConnect continues to look for ways to increase accessibility through community partnerships and philanthropy.

“This is a great opportunity for us to not only make an impact in the local Las Vegas community, but to help businesses like Sport-Social that are so critical to the development and well-being of students with autism, thrive during this challenging time,” said Chris Swanger, Chief Marketing Officer for eConnect. “The eClear system offers peace of mind and a direct solution to keeping students safe as they return to the facility, and the ability to remain open for months, even years to come, for families that benefit most from these programs.”

As thousands of families across the Valley prepare for the virtual school year, businesses like Sport-Social are needed to stay open and cater to the needs of the local student community during the pandemic. Thermal detection technology, like eClear, may also stay beneficial post-pandemic by helping to ensure that these much-needed businesses stay safe and prepared for future outbreaks.


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