Finding the Right Health & Safety Solution for Your Business

Let’s face it, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a confusing time for most Americans and a scientific conundrum for world leaders. Businesses no matter the size are being forced to grapple with stagnated revenue, changing processes and evolving state and local government demands. But the bottom line remains that COVID-19 is real, and unfortunately, it has taken many lives prematurely.

The pandemic has devasted businesses and we see more closures and bankruptcies every day. For the survival of our country, we needed to figure out how to safely conduct our lives with some normalcy. This is where eConnect has focused its energy. For over a decade, the company has been providing solutions to automate businesses, improve safety and expand security, and now has completely pivoted to help its 400+ customers reopen and thrive.

Since March, eConnect, a global leader in designing, developing, and distributing technologies that automate organizational processes, has shifted its efforts to offer businesses a holistic approach to combating the pandemic. There are 4 major weapons that eConnect deploys against COVID-19 across all major verticals and they are as follows:

Pre-Screening (Symptoms Questionnaire)

The ePass System by eConnect is a HIPPA compliant prescreening application that can be deployed on any internet enabled device. It allows employees, vendors, and customers to quickly answer a few basic questions about their current health prior to entering a building. The app gives organizations the ability to keep people with symptoms from entering the building and potentially contaminating others with what could be the COVID-19 virus. ePass is the first line of defense for organizations to keep their buildings safer.

Thermal Screening (Elevated Temperature Check)

The eClear system by eConnect is an award-winning thermal screening system that has been approved for use by the FDA. The platform is self-serving, allowing people to keep a safe distance from one another while the screening is taking place. The system can prompt the individual to don their facemask and even use face matching technology to authenticate them for access to a door, turnstile, or time punch, all with zero touching of the device. The device uses a medical grade non-contact infrared thermometer which has an accuracy rating of +-.30F. What’s more, the system uses its cloud application to track and send alerts when there are issues with elevated temperatures or unauthorized access to a building. There are thousands of units deployed across the USA with great success.

Remember, not all thermal screening devices are created equal. There have been many pop-up companies selling eBay and Alibaba devices which lack customer support, pose cybersecurity risk and come pre-loaded with Chinese language. eConnect offers a secure, proprietary software system with US-based support.

Occupancy Control (Adherence to Social Distancing)

eConnect’s Occupancy Control system helps organizations keep tight controls over the number of people who can occupy their buildings at any one time. It’s no secret that overcrowded buildings become a breeding ground for COVID-19, also known as super-spreader events. Recently, cities and states have rolled out mandates about occupancy levels – some have reduced thresholds up to 25%. The application allows operators to see an accurate real-time count of the current occupants in the building and even send an alert when the maximum threshold is being approached.

Contact Tracing

eConnect’s cloud-based application allows organizations to track all people who have entered the building, collect contact information on them and associate that information to their photo. This allows rapid communication to take place when someone else tests positive for COVID-19. One of the best ways to mitigate the spread is to keep every aware of the virus and prevent one person from transmitting it to one or many people.

All in all, eConnect offers clients proven technology that not only makes organizations safer, but it also gives people the peace of mind to enter their buildings. eConnect is committed to serving as a market leader delivering technology products that improve the way companies interact with stakeholders. Every tool we deploy makes it harder for the invisible enemy to propagate and that is why we strategically integrate these solutions in client environments that need our support most.

Common FAQs:

· What HR and enterprise systems can the eClear system connect?

eClear integrates with all major 3rd party business systems, including, Kronos, ADP, Paycom, Paychex and more.

· Will the system alert me if an elevated temperature is detecting in my facility?

Yes, the system can be set up to alert management when someone with an elevated temperature in screened.

· What can I do with the eClear hardware once the pandemic is over?

The eClear system is capable of becoming a contactless timeclock and can integrate with doors/turnstiles to authenticate people before opening them.

· How can I ensure an accurate temperature reading in my building?

The eClear uses a commercial grade non-contact thermometer. It will accurately and consistently perform as long as it doesn’t get wet, is away from direct sunlight and isn’t exposed to steams and/or any gases.

· Do I need a blackbody device to calibrate my eClear camera for scanning?

No, an NCIT can be calibrated with a temporal thermometer. Non-contact Infrared Thermometers are easier to deploy and maintain while being less expensive. The eClear unit has been tested side-by-side with a blackbody and performed equally as well.

· Are there automatic software updates to protect my business from cybersecurity threats?

Yes. The eClear Cloud is a secure web application that has regular updates to provide cyber-security best practices.

· Can I customize the suite of applications loaded to the eClear system?

The eClear system was designed for flexibility across multiple industries. Government, education, Hospitality and Manufacturing all use eClear and have the ability to fine-tune the application to suite their needs.

· How long does it take to implement the eClear system?

Once the eClear hardware arrives, it is ready to plug in and will work right away. If 3rd party integrations are a part of the project scope, that may add a day or two to the completion of the system installation.

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