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Oklahoma casinos install eConnect remote temperature monitors

Comanche Nation Entertainment, which operates five casinos across Oklahoma, has installed eConnect’s eClear thermal temperature scanners to monitor temperatures of incoming guests and employees. According to the company, studies have shown that elevated temperature is prevalent in 87.9 percent of people who present symptoms of the COVID-19 coronavirus, making temperature monitors a valuable element to maintain safety.

“Our mission is to make Comanche Nation casinos safe places for our guests, team members, and tribal members,” said Mia Tahdooahnippah, CEO of Comanche Nation Entertainment. “Our management team ultimately decided to use eConnect’s eClear thermal temperature scanner, which scans the temperatures of guests in a quick, contactless process, when they enter the casino. This helps ensure the safety of our guests and team members, and allows people to scan themselves in accordance with social distancing guidelines set forth by the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention].”

The eClear scanners are lightweight and portable, can be placed at guest or team member entrances and can be permanently mounted. “We have been working with thermogenic sensors for five years and when COVID-19 hit, we were ready to help our business partners with a solution,” said Chris Swanger, eConnect regional VP of sales. “We have adopted the best practices and standards being set forth throughout businesses across the country, and we are happy to help Comanche Nation casinos deploy the safest and most effective solution to reopen their properties and keep them open long-term.”

In addition to the basics of preventing the spread of disease by automatically checking temperatures, the facial matching component offers many benefits, such as a real-time aggregate count of all entrances and exits while simultaneously recognizing and alerting about valuable customers. The system also can alert the team about the arrival of banned customers even if they are wearing face masks. When placed at employees entrances, eClear can be used as a hands-free time clock. View the Original Article here.

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