Manufacturer NEDC Sealing Solutions Uses eConnect's eClear Solution with Great Success

After struggling with handheld thermometers, Massachusetts-based manufacturer NEDC decided to purchase multiple eClear thermal imaging devices for temperature screening at its facility.

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- As the country continues to re-open, companies are doing everything they can to make their employees feel safe from Covid-19. Checking for elevated temperatures is critical as it may help mitigate the spread of the virus. Studies have shown that elevated temperature is prevalent in 87.9% of people who present symptoms; it is the number one thing to look for when allowing people into a building.

After struggling with handheld thermometers, Massachusetts-based manufacturer NEDC decided to purchase multiple eClear devices for its facility. "The solution is amazing," said Kim Abare, President of NEDC, "It's accurate and our team members love it. They take their temperatures multiple times per day, and they enjoy having the ability to read their own results. We use it to scan our team members, suppliers, vendors and customers, and everyone likes the system."

eClear is a Thermal Camera with Built in Facial Matching. This camera is lightweight and portable, can be placed almost anywhere. Due to its effectiveness as well as its ease of use, eClear is gaining wide adoption in across many industries from hospitality and manufacturing to government and education.

"It has been a very tough time for businesses across America," said Henry Valentino, eConnect's CEO. "We are proud to have a solution that will help everyone get back to business in a safe manner. I know the team at NEDC has made the safety of their employees a priority and I'm glad we could help them out. We are privileged to work with such excellent people."

In addition to the basics of preventing the spread of disease by automatically checking temperatures, eClear has a facial matching component which offers many benefits, such as a real-time aggregate count of all entrances and exits. When placed at employee entrances, eClear can be used as a hands-free time clock to further ensure employee safety.

About NEDC Sealing Solutions NEDC Sealing Solutions has been offering solutions through diecutting, laser-cutting, molding, fabrication/assembly, and waterjet cutting for the past 30 years. NEDC has evolved from a garage with a few manual die-cutting machines to a 70,000 square foot facility facilitating solutions through high quality products such as EMI/RFI absorbers, insulators, thermal pads, tapes, gaskets, and epoxy preforms. NEDC Sealing Solutions now deals with military, medical, aerospace, and consumer markets. NEDC is an SBA, woman-owned business located in Methuen, Massachusetts. For more information, visit

About eConnect eConnect™ is a cutting-edge technology company that helps improve business performance through data and video intelligence. The company seamlessly integrates digital video surveillance, including facial recognition, with transactional data from point-of-sale (POS), casino systems and other data sources to improve profitability quickly and directly, efficiency and the guest experience. eConnect offers measurable ROI within months of system deployment. The tools are world-renowned for their ability to discover previously unknown problems, thereby reducing eliminating sources of loss and correcting operational problems. In response to Covid-19, eConnect has expanded its solutions to include temperature scanning to enable customers to reopen safely and efficiently. For more information, visit

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