North Star Mohican Casino Chooses eConnect to Help them Become the “Safest Casino in the Midwest”

When COVID-19 hit the United States, most casinos closed to help with social distancing and to keep people safe. As the country begins to reopen, operators are doing everything they can to make their employees and patrons feel safe. Checking temperatures has become more and more important as it may help mitigate the spread of the virus by detecting people who have elevated temperatures.

#North Star Mohican Casino Resort has decided to use eConnect’s eClear thermal temperature solution to ensure the safety of their patrons and employees. eClear is a thermal imaging device that can read temperatures in a contact-free, self-serve manner quickly and effortlessly.

“We are focused on making North Star the safest casino in the Mid-West. We are taking important steps to align and protect the health and safety of patrons, our community, and our team members,” said Michael Bonakdar, General Manager for North Star Mohican Casino Resort. “We have had a long-term relationship with eConnect as one of our technology providers. The addition of eClear touchless temperature detection at our entries has been well received by employees and our customers. The units have proven to be highly accurate and critical component to our reopening and safety protocols.”

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